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New Market Entry Consulting & Advisory

Nerdia Connect provides new market entry services for companies of all sizes. With local market experts and a combined industry experience of 80+ years we are uniquely positioned to facilitate your success in or out of Africa.

New Market Entry Plan:

For any expansion to succeed, it must be rigorously evaluated and researched to identify the opportunities, risks, and mitigation strategies to penetrate the market. Nerdia Connect will work with firms to develop a new market entry plan that would validate the market of choice, recommend a business model that would be the most effective for the market, all while preparing for uncertainties.

Cultural Intelligence Report & Training:

With more than 1.2 billion people in 54 countries, Africa is a melting pot of over 3000 tribes with distinct cultures, all of which varies in the interpretation of verbal and nonverbal cues. It is prudent for companies expanding into Africa to understand the cultural practices, traits, and norms to better manage their cross-border teams, build trust, dress appropriately, communicate effectively, negotiate, and close deals. Nerdia Connect will provide a detailed cultural intelligence report highlighting the cultural practices and nuances of the target market. Apart from putting together an intelligence report, our team of experts will facilitate 2 to 4 days of training sessions on cultural intelligence and an assessment of how cultural intelligence can affect your expansion’s success or failure.

In-Market Visit & Business Development:

As part of the process of introducing the client to a new market, Nerdia recommends a mix of senior and middle management personnel to make a trip to the market. Here, Nerdia will provide a business development and introduction itinerary. The client will have the opportunity to meet with key stakeholders and thought leaders in their sector, government officials and ministers, potential local partners and competitors, and connect with potential customers. The trip will help validate the market and proposed expansion business model while curtailing (or confirming) any stereotypes or biases held before the trip.

Seminars & Workshops:

This is an additional way to validate a market and its potential. Nerdia will work with clients to put together seminars and/or workshops geared towards educating the local audience on their service offerings with the intention to gauge the market’s interest. The workshop and its outcome will be published in local media to create awareness of and for the client. Nerdia recommends scheduling workshops during in-market visits and business development trips.

Legal Advisory:

Through our legal team, we will identify regulatory risks and offer successful guidance on interpreting and complying with laws and regulations that
affect our client’s business. Through stringent due diligence and risk assessment procedures, we ensure that client’sbusiness and interests are protected from any regulatory risks.

Having experience across several regulatory matters, our legal team is able tosuccessfully guide our clients through:

  1. Contract and negotiations
  2. Business setup
  3. Corporate governance and compliance
  4. Labour, employment, and immigration
  5. Data protection
  6. Intellectual property
  7. Taxes and customs
Ancillary Services:

Through our partner firms, Nerdia can provide clients with:

  • Recruiting Service – Through our partner firms, Nerdia can provide clients who decide to take the step to set up operations on the continent. These groups will help recruit all levels of employees (from field staff to executives), be it contract or full-time staff.
  • Fundraising Advisory – Nerdia has identified and partnered with funding and advisory firms across the world that can work with our clients seeking funds to expand into the African continent, finance construction projects, asset acquisition, and M&A initiatives.
  • Other Services – This includes accounting, IT, and administrative services through local partner firms.


Gas investment, production and consumption are predicted to become a major, rapid growth area for African investments over the next 30 years, according to RMB Global Markets and Fitch Solutions.


Coffee, >45
Corn, >9
Cocoa, >5
Wheat, >3
Rice, >2

Sources: Brookings, IHS World Industry Service, UNCTAD World Trade Data, McKinsey Global Institute, AfDB, RMB