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Partnership Advisory

When a partnership is identified as the preferred entry strategy, Nerdia Connect will search and evaluate potential partnership arrangements for the engagement. Nerdia will also provide the legal and regulatory requirements, as well as opportunities for collaboration

Access to Distributors:

Through our numerous partners in various sectors, Nerdia can connect clients to local distributors across Africa. Some of these distributors operate in the agriculture, pharmaceutical, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.

Joint Venture (JV):

For certain sectors in Africa, a JV arrangement is the best way to penetrate a market. Here, the risk and rewards are shared between all parties. Also, leveraging the strengths of all parties in the JV guarantees the success of the expansion. Sectors in Africa that would require a JV partnership include Power, Oil & Gas.


To decrease the cost of setting up operations in a new country, mandates/reps/brokers might be the best option to adopt. Here, Nerdia will search and recommend the best rep to engage. Industries that might require this service include but are not limited to procurement houses, oil and gas trading, and commodity trading.

Technical partnerships:

Due to the scope and financial requirements of certain projects, African firms may be required to bring in technical partners with specific expertise to fulfil obligations. Industries that seek out technical partners include: Oil & Gas, Power plant engineering/consulting, and construction.


countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have important reserves of hydrocarbons oil, gas, coal or minerals. 13 countries are in the process of exploring additional reserves.